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There's a lot of information out there on how to lose weight.

Unfortunately, this information frequently doesn't take into account our individual differences or our unique biology.

Someone who has a slow metabolism will burn fewer calories than someone who has a very fast one. Also, for someone who is very tall, the number of calories you need to eat is different to someone very short.

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More profound comparisons are the differences between men and women and the strategies that work best for each. If you are someone trying to lose weight, then here are some tips that you might not have read before.

Lift Weights

The biggest tip that you should know when it comes to weight loss, is that you should try weightlifting or another form of ‘resistance’ training.

In other words, drop the over-reliance on cardio exercise and start lifting weights!

Many people worry about this because they think that they are going to get ‘too bulky’ and that the resultant look might be unattractive.

In reality it is actually very hard to become bulky and especially for a woman. What’s more likely is that added muscle mass will simply speed up your metabolism and that will allow you to burn fat at a faster rate.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons that most men lose weight faster than women!

All the same, lifting weight will most likely help women to gain the right proportions, to tone up and to increase their tone and posture in order to get relieve of effects like cellulite. It'll indeed increase the product of fat burning hormones!

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The fastest way to get a more seductive body for any person is to lift weights.

Consider Other Lifestyle Factors, Specifics and Conditions

Hormones play a large part in fat burning and muscle mass and the biggest factors here include testosterone and estrogen.

As a woman I can’t but look at this from the women angle. Women are at a disadvantage when it comes to burning fat but things get more complicated still when you contemplate the other aspects involved: things like the menstrual cycle for example which causes hormones to change at different times of the month.

Further of an issue is the part of contraceptive drug which can beget weight gain or weight loss depending on how the body reacts.

Also, there are conditions like polycystic ovaries which only affect women and like hypothyroidism which is more common for women. However, consult your medic, If you find it problematic to lose weight. A sure thing to do is to eat well and get all of the nutrients required to support your body’s metabolic function and hormone balance.

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Eventually, note that these hormones also impact on emotional eating – which studies confirm to be a larger issue for everyone including women and men.

Most of all be aware of this and maintain your emotional state while avoiding temptation as far as you can.
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