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The Fiverr affiliate is one of the most intriguing affiliate programs that we’ve seen in a long time. What makes it so intriguing you ask? The answer is simple – the earning prospect is huge. If you are into making money online through affiliate programs and you’re not a member of Fiverr affiliates then consider joining today.

Being an affiliate, you can promote hundreds of gigs (sellers offering their services) and get paid for doing so. Joining Fiverr affiliate is free, straight forward and the potentials are unlimited! Anyone can join as an affiliate even if you are already a member with account for selling or buying Fiverr gigs, they separate the affiliate program from customer account.

What Precisely Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a popular online business where freelancers can offer their gigs or services to buyers who need them. These services cover almost every digital services available online and can be purchased from anywhere in the world. Services such a logo design can be purchased from a professional graphic designer, and similarly you can hire a competent website developer to improve your current website or build you a brand new one altogether.

What makes Fiverr so unique is that countless of their services start at only $5. Some of these services carry higher prices depending on whom the dealer is, level of skills and experience and the type of service that they offer. If you are an affiliate and looking to earn higher commissions from the services then you should be promoting Fiverr Pro, a special marketplace for sellers that offer premium services at a slightly higher prices but far better quality.

Services You Can Promote As An Affiliate

The first thing is to think of services you have experience in or familiar with that you can easily understand. However, this should not be your limiting factor as you are free to promote gigs from any category. There are numerous categories to select from and a browse through these categories should reveal the types of services you can promote. The rages are as follows:

Business Category - Branding Services, Market Research, Virtual Assistant, Product Research, Business Tips etc.

Digital Marketing Category – SEO, Social Media Marketing - Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Music Promotion etc.

E-Commerce Category - Website Creation, Website Design, Store Creation, Short Video Ads, Web Analytics etc.

Gaming Category - Game Design, Game Development, Game Creation, Game Coaching, User Testing etc.

Graphics and Design Category - Logo Design, Web & Mobile Design, Business Cards & Stationary, Game Design etc.

Lifestyle Category – Collectibles, Arts & Crafts, Online Lessons, Gaming, Greeting Cards & Videos etc.
Music & Audio Category - Singer-Songwriters, Voice Over, Mixing & Mastering, Producers & Composers, Sound Effects etc.

Programming & Tech Category - Web Programming, Mobile Apps & Web, WordPress, Website Builders & CMS, Game Development etc.

Video & Animation Category - Video Editing, Logo Animation, 3D Whiteboard & Animated Explainers, Lyric & Music Videos, Product Animation etc.

Writing & Translation Category - Blog Posts, Articles, Resumes & Cover Letters, Technical Writing, Translation, Speech Writing etc.

How Can I Promote Fiverr?

There are many ways to promote Fiverr affiliate program and prominent among the is via free classified ads website such as,,, and many others. All you have to do is sign up for free, list your ads and affiliate links. Other free avenues to promote Fiverr affiliate program includes social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest and Quora, just by recommending Fiverr services to friends who might be interested in making passive income.

Another way which could be more effective is by promoting Fiverr services through your blog or website. This may make your promotion automated by adding promotional links and banners to your articles to promote Fiverr products and services relating to your website.

Who Can Join As Fiverr Affiliate?

Anyone, no matter which country you are based as long as you have access to the internet you can join Fiverr affiliate program. Joining is free and straight forward, you only need to complete an online form which takes about 3 minutes. Once your membership has been approved you will be given a special link that you can promote on your website and when a first-time buyer clicks on the link and makes a purchase on Fiverr, you will get paid for that referral.

What If I’m Currently Fiverr Seller Or Buyer?

You can also join as long as you are not already a Fiverr Affiliate. The affiliate program is different from the regular seller and buyer Fiverr account which is for customers who are buying and selling gigs,

In conclusion, Fiverr affiliate program offers the participating partners boundless ways to earn passive income online especially with its company presence in over 160 countries worldwide.
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