How to use online free ad classifieds advertising to your advantage

Advertising nowadays is all around us and there aren’t many places you can go without being within sight of one. Online, there are ads on every page as banners, pop ups, scrolling, flashing and generally trying to grab your attention. There is nothing you can’t find advertised online and of course a lot depends on whether you and the ad find each other. As an advertiser, you need to make sure your ad stands out, so if you are on a limited budget it would certainly be a good idea to spend the money on the content rather than the site, and this is where free ads classifieds come in.


If you are selling a service which is specifically local, it would certainly pay you to browse all of the free ads classifieds websites you can find which are aimed at your locality and then place an ad on them. If you can, make each one slightly different, so that it will attract more attention. If someone visits several of the locally aimed sites – and you hope they will – they will notice an ad with wording which is not quite the same as the other ads from you and if you can make it amusing or interesting, they will read it and remember you. People get very fed up with seeing repetitive things online so make the most of the free element when you advertise online and use your imagination, time and perhaps a little money to grab your potential clients’ imaginations.


With any advertising, volume is everything and by using free classified websites you can easily achieve that. If you think about the ads that catch your attention on the television or to a lesser extent print or poster campaigns, it is the ones which come on in every break, sometimes twice, which you remember. This is what you need to match when you advertise online, but bearing in mind the downside of quantity; they can be very annoying as well. This is where the quality of the ad is so important. The top ads all have a recognizable logo or idea – think the meerkats as a top example – and also a joke or an element of cuteness. Online you can add more words because the viewer can pause and read it through, so here you have the advantage over TV and print ads.


Free ads classifieds sites give you the opportunity to monitor the success of different wording and pictures as well, as you can track where the respondent saw your advertising. This way you can adjust as necessary and end up in a very short time with an effective ad campaign which need have cost you nothing, if you have the facilities in house for design and copy. Unless you are very good with words and images it might be a good idea to use your budget for some good content and some professional images – there are lots of copyright free images available – but you can be out there pitching to the public in no time if you use free ad classifieds websites.



Kenny Popoola

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